The Killer Clown

This story is still in progress.

Chapter One

It was a normal day in Utah, snow coming down heavily as a young boy named Dan was sitting down in class listening to Miss Wiley talk about algebra. He had one friend named Ryan who was very good at math and writing. He shifted to the side to ask him for the answer.

“Pssst,” he hissed. “What’s the answer to question five?”

“Dan, Dan, Dan,” Ryan smiled. “Not to be rude, but you need to do stuff yourself sometimes.”

Dan shifted back, annoyed. He had gotten stuck, trying to figure out what the value of x was for number five. The question was 3*4=x. He said to himself it was twelve, so he put it down. For the next twenty minutes, he was doing his work. The teacher surprisingly startled him as she said, “Time to turn in your work!” He was nervous as she checked it. “It’s good,” she said. He was so happy school was over, he could hardly control his feelings.

“Hey Dan!” shouted Ryan. “We’re going to Riley’s house for a party! Wanna join us?”

Dan was so hyped for the party. “Sure!” he called back. But little did he know that this was going to change his life forever.

Chapter Two

Dan was being driven to the party by his dad. “Now Dan, be home by midnight,” his dad reminded him. “Ok?”

“Ok,” Dan said. “Bye!” As his dad drove away, he stepped onto the sidewalk and looked at the house. “How could a house this small hold a party?” Dan thought. He saw Ryan look out from the window.

“Hey Dan!” Ryan said cheerfully. “It’s packed in there!”

“Well, I should hope so!” Dan said. He stepped inside the house, surprised at how fancy the house was. The party was downstairs. Dan stepped through the door and walked around. Dan went to go dance with the whole class. This went on for at least an hour before a kid wearing a spiked jacket walked in.

“Where’s Dan?” Spiked Jacket asked a kid.

“Over there,” the kid said.

Spiked Jacket marched over to Dan. “YOU’RE DEAD MEAT KID!!!!” he said.

Dan started to run as fast as he could upstairs. He needed to find a disguise. And quick. He ran into the attic and found a clown nose. Dan hated clowns, he knew that for a fact, but he had no other choice. “This will have to do,” he said. He put it on and went back to face Spiked Jacket. “HEY!” Dan yelled.

“On second thought…” said Spiked Jacket, and he ran off.

“Ha!” laughed Dan. “Showed him! Now to take thi–” He paused. “Hey…why won’t it come off?” He pulled for several minutes, but still no luck. He tried to cut it off, but it HURT.

“OW!” he screamed. He saw a trickle of blood on his nose. “How?” he asked himself. He was terrified.

Chapter Three

Dan didn’t know what to do. His heart raced. He looked at a mirror. Suddenly, he jumped back. His face was pale white like a clowns face. He stayed there for many hours. Then he looked in a full body mirror. He was too scared to speak.

He had gone full clown.

He suddenly did not even know who he was. “Who am I?” he asked himself. He suddenly saw that his mouth could stretch for miles wide. He was astonished at this. He rolled back his eyes in frustration. Suddenly he started hearing little screams.

“What is that? He asked. He looked in the mirror, seeing mouths on the back of his eyes. “HOLY COW!” he screamed.

Suddenly he thought, “Hey where does that bully live? I want to give him a surprise!”

Chapter Four

Dan had now figured out where Spiked Jacket lived. He had a list of phone numbers and addresses. Dan called Spiked Jacket.

*riiiiiiiing* *riiiiing*


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